August 18, 2016

TEAS Math Practice Test

The ATI TEAS Math test is a section of the ATI TEAS test, which is an assessment that is used to analyze prospective nursing students’ knowledge and abilities, thus allowing college nursing programs to determine which students to accept and which to reject. The ATI TEAS test is vital for those wishing to become nurses. Due to the important nature of this test, we have crafted the free ATI TEAS Math Practice Test.

This TEAS practice test is filled with specific practice questions that will aid the test-taker in their TEAS test prep. The ATI TEAS Math practice questions are crafted after the content areas of the ATI TEAS Math test. Content areas such as the following: Numbers and Algebra, which covers roughly 72 percent of the ATI TEAS Math test; as well as Measurement and Data, which covers the remaining 28 percent of the test.

ATI TEAS 6 Math Test Breakdown